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    Abigail Newby-Kew spent 2007 in Namibia, in a WorldTeach program, teaching at a high school. This is her family's site, where we hope to pass along news and pictures. She was living about 40 km from Oshakati, a small city about half way along Namibia's border with Angola.
    Her mailing address was P/Bag 5511, Oshikati, Namibia

map of Namibia

rock dassie
rock dassies

more rock dassies
another rock dassie

click for bigger versions
camel thorn acacia
Linsay and goat head
Lindsay and the goat head
bloke walk
the bloke walk

Abbie and Kauli
Abbie and Kauli

Uuisko, Kapkap and Kauli
Uuisko, Kapkap and Kauli

a rainbow on Abbie's birthday

grade 8 at Ruacana Falls
1) Grade 8 Learners at Ruacana falls

Abbie's house
2) My house! The building right behind it are classrooms... I am really surrounded by the learners.

3) Part of my village, one bar and the fish and chips place.

Kauli's homestead 
4) Kauli's homestead.

5) Two of the hostel learners hanging out in my house
... they all love UNO.
UUsiko, Abbie, Aletta
6) Me and two of my colleagues, Uusiku and Aletta

Namibia hand

click on the pictures for big versionsgay rights march
1the gay rights march in Windhoek, with Jessie helping to lead the way with the front banner.

  amateur hour
in contrast to the Omaleshis... a bunch of volunteers making an attempt. From left there is Miriam, the Swiss woman who lives near me, then Holly and Brianna, two PCVs

[missing photo]
 the fabulous Sissi

Science Club at Etunda
Science Club in a field of wheat at Etunda. None of them had ever been able to walk around in something so green!

public transport
the Science Club in Namibian transport - even though i am petrified of life after that accident [3 people killed in a 2-truck crash] ... i love transport like this


the Omaleshi girls, Sissi's serious dance troupe. (note that there are lots of albino Owambos) 

yellowbilled hornbill (Tockus flavirostris)
postcard, 6 Aug 2007
   The hornbill is holding a dungbeetle in his beak.

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elephant family
elephant family
bone-munching giraffe
giraffe munching bone
splayed giraffe
splayed giraffe
13 Aug 2007

[It's not clear in the picture, but they observed a giraffe munching on bones, and wondered why.]


click for big pictures, as usual
Abbie jumping in Vic Falls
Abbie jumping into Victoria Falls

Victoria Falls with rainbows

Victoria Falls
Victoria Falls

Tamara's village
Tamara's house

Tamara & Abbie
Abbie & Tamara

dreaded Abbie
the dreaded Abbie

Zimbabwe border sign
Zimbabwe border

road to Kunene
road to Kunene

tent under kiwi tree
tent under kiwi tree

cow eating seaweed
cow eating seaweed

cows at the river
cows at the Kunene river

18 Nov 2007
Abigail is safely home.